Marina Management Software

Visual Marina

Advanced cloud based marina management software helps marina staff can easily monitor and control marina occupancy easily. Dynamic map showings berths and vessels can be zoomed in – out.

Map Search

  • Get dynamic berth/vessel data by clicking on map
  • Rental availability of berths according to RMA’s on Map
  • Zoom in-out
  • Occupancy search (client/vessel)
  • Search for berths for rental
  • Search for berths for sale
  • Search according to ownership
  • Search for specific date


  • Retrieve vessel information
  • Add new vessel
  • View vessel details
  • Retrieve client information
  • Add new client & relationship
  • View client details
  • Select berth
  • Select rental management agreement
  • Set arrival/departure date & time
  • Ability to add multiple products
  • Apply discount (Percentage and/or amount)
  • Search availability (Duration, measurements, location, vessel features)
  • Add to wait list

Wait List

  • Retrieve existing client or create new client
  • Set desired start/end date and product
  • Retrieve existing vessel or create new vessel
  • Add text notes
  • View wait list and sort according to selected criteria
  • Text based search on wait list
  • Edit list items, change status or book

Real-time Visual Map


Reservation & Booking

Availability Search


  • Set berth information (Name, Status, Rental Availability, Owner etc.)
  • Set berth details (Type, Features etc.)
  • Set berth location details (Jetty, Length, Width, Draft, Neighbor Berths etc.)
  • Visual marina location details for dynamic positioning
  • Berth’s occupancy status according to arrival/departure data
  • Only allow booking if bert/berths are paid in full
  • Select rental management agreement
  • Set arrival/departure date & time
  • Ability to add multiple products
  • Apply discount (Percentage and/or Amount)
  • Berth availability connected to an agreement
  • Rent Berths by day, month or year
  • Sell a berth for a specified period
  • List existing berths


  • Arrival forms management (on Native Mobile App)
  • Tablet based assist form for arrivals & departures
  • List existing vessels
  • Set vessel information (Name, Usage, Agency, Construction, Keel Type etc.)
  • Set vessel specifications (Length, Beam, Draft, GRT, NRT, Radio Call Sign etc.)
  • Set registration information (Nationality, Registration Date etc.)
  • Set insurance details (insurer, Policy Number, Date etc.)
  • History tracking on vessels
  • History tracking on captains, crew and engineers
  • Override the beam for catamarans
  • Relationship management for vessels (Captain, Owner, Crew, etc.)

Rental Agrements

  • Manage client agreement
  • Track all contract and agreement documents if they are printed
  • Rental agreement detail (Client, Vessel, Status, Booking Start/End Date etc.)
  • Add invoice to rental agreement
  • Add new rental line to agreement
  • Transfer rental lines
  • Sub Lease RMAs
  • Add new service to rental agreement
  • Cancel rental agreement
  • Contract upgrade on extension of stay
  • Search by vessel/client
  • List booking & rentals
  • Agreements can be saved on MS Word format
  • Send documents to client
  • Print agreements
  • Create invoice for booking

Reports & Dashboard

  • Availability report
  • Occupancy report
  • Dock walk report
  • Operational performance report
  • Rental statistics report
  • Ownership report
  • Unit occupancy report
  • Rental report
  • End of the month inventory report (Truck – Yachts) for bunkering
  • Report on domestic vs duty free fuel sold

Ownership Agreement

  • Create commission invoice for berth owners
  • Create credit notes for berth owners
  • Create rental statements for berth owners
  • Print ownership agreement Form
  • View agreement PDF
  • Create maintenance bill
  • Ownership agreement detail (Start/End Date, Berth, Client etc.)
  • Add new rental management agreement/ view agreement


  • Generate bunkering invoice
  • Bunkering financial information under clients
  • Integration with FuelSoft (or Similar Bunkering Systems)

Manage from Mobile Devices

  • Sail In and Out Operations

    Marina staff can monitor and control marina occupancy easily.

  • Complete Marina Operations

    It gives a great flexibility in marina management for any type of activity

  • Salesforce 1

    Works on all mobile devices

Facilities & Assets Management

100% Native Mobile Inspection App for iOS and Android

Ticket and Inspection Management via Inspect This!

  • Asset Management
  • Work Order Tracking
  • Inspection
  • Task Assignment
  • Job Schedule
  • Process Tracking

Jetty and Ticket Management

  • List of Installed Assets & Locations
  • Perform Marina Inspections and Get Reports on Details
  • Types, Product Name and Barcode for Assets and Spare Parts
  • Install a Product and Deduce from Inventory
  • Notifications to Prevent Stock-Out
  • Track Purchase Price for Parts
  • Equipment Inventory System
  • Master Work Schedule Form to Follow Work Schedules with Facilities
  • Assign Tickets/Work Orders to a Gardener/Technician
  • Equipment & Asset Exchange Tracking
  • Case Management for Marina Clients and Marina Repairs
  • Technician Status Pick-list for Cases
  • Validations for Case Closing (Time, Description etc.)
  • Work Types on Cases
  • Case Management for Gardeners
  • Track Time Spent for Case Resolution

Residential Rental Management

  • Create Commission Invoice
  • Create Agreement Invoice
  • Add New Rental Opportunity
  • Reminder for RAA End Date
  • Search by Building Unit
  • Search by Date Period
  • Search by Number of Bedrooms
  • Search by Number of Beds
  • Search by Allowance (Kid, Pet, Smoking, Parking)
  • Residential Rental Invoice E-Mailing
  • Ability to Book Guests in Multiple Units
  • Rental Tenant Agreement Form
  • Rental Pro-Forma Invoice
  • Short Term and Long Term Rentals
  • Track the Long Term Rental Payments
  • Require Owner Approval for Rentals
  • Booking Confirmation Form Sent to Tenant
  • Cancel Rentals and Follow Up Refunds
  • Daily, Weekly & Monthly Rental Prices
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